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Ningbo Yuxin introduces the scope of laser cutting in Ningbo

2020-06-17 23:34:27

Most of the fiber laser cutting is controlled by the program flow of CNC machine tool made into laser cutting intelligent robot. As a high-precision production processing method, Ningbo fiber laser cutting production processing can basically cut all raw materials, including two-dimensional laser cutting thin metal sheet (metal manufacturing processing in Ningbo City).

In the automotive industry, car roof windows other indoor space curve graphics have been widely used. VW uses a laser generator with output power of 500W to cut complicated car body sheet metal various inclined surface parts. In the angle grinder sheet metal cutting aerospace industry, optical fiber is used for laser cutting of raw materials of special airlines, such as titanium metal, aluminum alloy profile, nickel base alloy, cobalt alloy, stainless steel plate, beryllium oxide, polymer materials, plastics, porcelain calcite. The aerospace components produced by fiber laser cutting include diesel engine flame tube, titanium thin-walled casing, airport structure, titanium skin, aircraft wing stringer, automobile tail wing wall panel, helicopter main rotor, aerospace spacecraft porcelain insulation tile, etc.

Optical fiber laser cutting processing technology in the non-metallic material industry also has a more common application. Local sheet metal cutting can only cut raw materials with high strength ductility, such as silicon nitride, porcelain calcite, but also produce process soft raw materials, such as fabric, paper shape, plastic plate, vulcanized rubber, etc. if the clothing is cut by laser, the fabric can be saved by 10% - 12%, the effect of improvement is more than three times.



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