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What are the properties applications of laser cutting aluminum alloy die castings

2020-06-18 02:11:36

Aluminum alloy casting parts have some incomparable advantages compared with other casting parts in Ningbo laser cutting, such as elegant appearance, light quality, corrosion resistance other advantages, which make it popular among customers. Especially in the new energy of automobile, aluminum alloy casting has been widely used in automobile industry.

The relative density of aluminum alloy castings is smaller than that of pig iron steel castings, but the strength is higher. Therefore, the selection of aluminum alloy castings under the same load standard can alleviate the net weight of the structure. Therefore, aluminum alloy castings are widely used in aerospace industry, transmission equipment transportation machinery equipment manufacturing. Aluminum alloy profiles have excellent surface gloss excellent corrosion resistance in air water. Therefore, they are widely used in the production manufacture of civil vessels. Pure aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance in amphoteric oxides such as sodium cyanide glacial acetic acid. Therefore, aluminum alloy die castings are also used in chemical pipe cutting tools. Pure aluminum aluminum alloy profiles have excellent heat transfer performance. Parts with excellent heat transfer performance, such as cylinder head piston rod of gas turbine, are also suitable for production manufacturing of heat exchanger equipment its transmission equipment.

Aluminum alloy castings have excellent forging properties. Because of the low melting point (melting point of pure aluminum is 660.230c, the pouring temperature of aluminum alloy profile of pipe cutting die is generally about 730 ~ 750oc), metal material mould working pressure forging can be widely used to improve the essential quality, specification precision, surface finish productivity of castings. Due to the high heat of condensation vaporization of aluminum alloy profiles, under the same standard of net weight, the whole process time of lithium bromide solution condensation is longer than that of steel castings pig iron, the discharge permeability is excellent, which is beneficial to forging heavy wall complicated casting parts.

Aluminum alloy aluminum alloy die casting has many advantages, which makes it become the development prospect of casting industry one of the most popular forging products for customers. With the development of aluminum casting technology in the future, it will show its own style on a larger stage.



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