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Automatic recognition of laser cutting incision feature of sheet metal

2020-06-18 03:06:53

The STL data information angle file format, which is widely used in Ningbo laser cutting, reverse engineering, digital output control production processing, sheet metal material forming other industries, is selected as the input document, so as to get rid of the current standard scientific research, because it is difficult to apply the promotion ring due to the secondary development on the expensive commercial software system. STL data type uses triangulation normal vector to express entity line, without special operation service platform. It has the advantages of extraordinary hybrid development simple algorithm design. Most CAD / CAM software is suitable for STL document I / O1.

The automatic retrieval of wound characteristics is to identify the wound edge ring the laser cut surface connected with the wound edge ring. The sheet metal cutting process is to calculate the knife structure domain, calculate the particle beam semi automatic compensation, the laser head pose real-time automatic control system shows the essential geometric information content. The actual optimization algorithm is as follows:

1) According to the read STL data information, the redundant end points are cleared according to the combination of the end points, whether there is one side in the data information of the solid model of sheet metal cutting process is used to identify whether it is a surface model a three-dimensional model. To put it bluntly, one side refers to the edge connected with only one triangle patch.

2) For the surface model, if we find the edge which is only connected with one triangle patch join it in a certain order, we can get the edge ring of the wound.

3) However, for 3D modeling, it is very complicated to obtain the edge ring of the wound. The normal vector: the triangle patch whose plane coordinate exceeds zero the normal vector surrounded by the triangle patch whose plane coordinate is more than zero the triangle patch whose plane coordinate is equal to zero are obtained all the triangular patches of 3D modeling, the exterior layer group F of solid model is obtained.

4) The vertical edge shared by two triangular patches which are vertical to each other is obtained the outer layer group F



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