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Discussion on the key points of common materials for sheet metal processing cabinet

2020-07-25 16:34:33

Generally speaking, sheet metal processing materials can be carried out mechanical processing manufacturing, the most common materials are hot-dip galvanized sheet, thin steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, copper sheet

1. Continuous phosphating treatment of thin steel plate, alias: hot-dip galvanized sheet, refers to the actual effect of electrostatic field in the network in phosphating treatment, zinc the water level solution of zinc salt accumulates on the surface of cold-rolled steel plate prepared in advance, a layer of hot-dip zinc coating will be produced on the surface of steel plate of TV background wall, so that the steel plate has good corrosion resistance. Trademark logo: national standard GB Japanese Standard JIS

2. Cold rolled general thin steel plate, sheet metal processing plant is the general term of general carbon reasonable layout steel cold rolled steel plate, general name: cold rolled steel plate, it is composed of Carbon reasonable layout steel hot rolled steel plate according to the further cold rolling to make a thin plate less than 4 mm thick. Due to cold rolling at normal temperature, no oxide skin is produced. Therefore, it has high performance price ratio high precision limit. In addition, quenching treatment has good mechanical equipment function processing technology function, is the most common metal material in sheet metal processing plant.

3. Continuous hot dip galvanized steel sheet, general Generally known as galvanized steel sheet white copper sheet, the steel plate has a good appearance, small deciduous crystal pattern, the coating is firm, which has excellent air corrosion resistance. Together, the steel plate also has good welding cold drawing forming effects. Compared with the appearance of galvanized steel sheet, its coating is thicker, which is mainly used for sheet metal with strong corrosion resistance.

Key points of maintenace of main box cabinet

We must maintain all the goods properly in order to ensure the service life of the products avoid some unnecessary inconvenience. Similarly, the main cabinet must be maintained. If the maintenance is appropriate the root is maintained, it may lead to very serious adverse effects.

1. In this way, many pollutants will be formed on the surface of the cabinet, which will be formed by the corrosion of the surface of the cabinet, such as the corrosion of the chemical substances the surface of the cabinet. The cabinet the carbon steel parts touch, because of the corrosive substances, then photoelectric catalytic corrosion.

2. The scratch caused by the contact between the cabinet carbon steel parts, as well as the scratch of passivation treatment film, reduces the maintenance ability of stainless steel plate, reacts with organic chemical substances, resulting in organic chemical corrosion corrosion. In the case of laser cutting, materials that are easy to rust adhere to the corrosion street, which will also cause photoelectrocatalytic corrosion.

3. After welding, there are many defects in many areas, including the defects of organic chemistry such as crystal bulkiness shrinkage porosity, as well as physical defects such as cracks, incomplete penetration staggered joint problems.

4. In the case of cleaning, if the phosphating treatment is clean tidy, there is residual liquid left on the cabinet, which will also cause corrosion of stainless steel plate, which is a kind of organic chemical corrosion. In summer, the main engine room should also pay attention to the main box cabinet heat discharge yo.



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