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Six development trends of sheet metal processing industry

2020-07-29 13:25:46

Ningbo sheet metal processing manufacturing industry will continue the trend of industrial structure adjustment, but there will be some flash points. The polarization situation of sheet metal processing companies will become more more fierce. Some companies that are suitable for market competition will withdraw the market competition according to different ways, the big men of sheet metal will emerge slowly.

1. Collaboration between companies will be significantly improved

2. China's influence as the manufacturing management center of sheet metal parts in the world will be further strengthened

3. The polarization of the company will be further aggravated

4. The market competition among marketing channels is also increasingly fierce

5. The integration of companies around the world will be further accelerated

6. Market competition will turn to high-quality, high-tech goods

The main business of Ningbo sheet metal processing is as follows:

1. Professional manufacturer of fast rolling shutter door

2. Professional production of stainless steel (metal) mainframe, server cabinet, Internet cabinet;

3. Professional production of high-speed rail cars, subway stations, communications, power engineering, aerospace, national defense other industries of high-precision sheet metal;

4. Professional production of stainless steel (metal) screen partition, stainless steel overall shape design decoration design;

5. Customized various kinds of stainless steel (metal) processing technology decoration, city square logo;

6. Professional production of stainless steel (metal) solid core door flowers, elevator car door frame, stainless steel message box, billboard;

7. Professional production of five-star hotels, large shopping malls, office building stainless steel metal products;

8. Contract hotel restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, office buildings other stainless steel building decoration;

9. For medical equipment, automobile manufacturing, elevator industry, transport machinery equipment, food machinery equipment manufacturers to produce fiber laser cutting, a full set of high-precision sheet metal processing parts.



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