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What are the technical requirements of sheet metal laser cutting

2020-08-04 14:28:47

The products in laser cutting of sheet metal are actually for laser cutting of sheet metal. It is convenient to fill in the professional knowledge make it more detailed all-round. In this way, it will be more convenient practical for everyone to learn train, so as to neglect some key contents lead to defects. Next, I will mainly explain what the actual technical requirements are, hope that we can get some enlightenment it, then we can have certain development improvement on the road of learning training. The actual technical requirements of laser cutting of sheet metal are as follows:

(1) The laser cutting of sheet metal can be carried out only after the oxide skin is removed no defects, problems damages are found.

(2) If induction hardening is to be carried out, then the tempering temperature should be within the required temperature range, high temperature solution treatment should be carried out.

(3) If there is no appearance size tolerance, then it should comply with the requirements of gb1184-80, the length tolerance should generally be within ± 0.5mm.

(4) After the transmission gear is installed, the backlash of the tooth surface shall meet the requirements of GB10095 gb11365.

(5) Before the installation of laser cutting parts of sheet metal, it is necessary to carry out some necessary regular inspection cleaning, in order to prevent dirty things. In addition, it is also necessary to carry out inspection on their mutual cooperation gaps.



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