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What should be checked before laser cutting

2020-08-06 15:36:44

In large quantities of laser cutting machine just started processing, there is a suitable link. The operator must observe the processing status in this link, immediately adjust the main parameters of the processing. Therefore, before announcing the laser cutting process, the key work to ensure is the following aspects.

Check CNC blade compensation, CNC lathe zero, pay attention to the product workpiece zero before the start, is appropriate. The relative position of each key should consider the operation regulations. After careful preparation in advance, into the NC program flow. Be sure to wear protective equipment before work. Do wear sleeves, bibs, gloves, bow ties, etc. women's braids sun visors should be paid attention to.

To check the equipment maintenance, commercial insurance, data signals, parts of gear transmission, electrical equipment, hydraulic press, data display system, in all normal conditions, can be used for laser cutting. Before adjusting the processing machine, check the lubrication, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, hydraulic press data display system, which can be used for laser cutting under all normal conditions.



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