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Complex sheet metal parts

Complex sheet metal parts

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:21:50
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For all sheet metal, it has a certain production process, that is to say, the production process. With the difference of sheet metal structure in precision cutting steel pipe, the production process will be different, but the total content is more than the following

1. Design scheme draw its sheet metal parts drawing, also known as three views. Its function is to show the structure of sheet metal by engineering drawing method

2. Drawing expansion drawing. That is to make a piece of tablet computer a complicated part

There are many kinds of cutting methods, the key ones are as follows:

a. Cutting machine cutting. Professional cutting steel pipe is the use of the plate shears cut into the development of the design width specifications. If there is a punching machine, fillet, then turn to high-speed punch fusion grinding tool punching machine, fillet molding

b. High speed punch cutting. It is the use of high-speed punch in one more steps on the plate after the parts of the plate structure stamping forming. Its advantages are short comprehensive man hour consumption, high efficiency, can reduce production costs, often used in mass production

c. NC NC machine tool cutting. When NC cutting, the NC lathe processing program flow should be written. That is to use the NC programming software to compile the unfolded drawing into the program flow that can be identified when processing the NC lathe. Let it follow this process step by step in a stainless steel plate, the structure of its tablet computer out

d. Laser cutting. Is the use of fiber laser cutting method, in a stainless steel plate on the structure of its tablet computer laser cutting out



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