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Case sheet metal parts

Case sheet metal parts

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:21:32
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It is usually used in sheet metal processing plants with thin plate thickness. When the plate thickness is very large, such as the thickness above 2.0, 2.5, we can immediately tap the teeth, do need to reverse the side

High speed punch production processing. The general high-speed punch production processing methods include punching machine fillet, punching machine blanking, punching convex hull, punching tear, drawing hole other production processing methods, in order to achieve the goal of production processing. Its production processing must have a relative grinding tool to carry out actual operation. The punch convex hull has the convex hull mold, the punching tear has the tear molding mold so on.

Press riveting. Press riveting in terms of our factory, we often use pressure riveting stud, pressure riveting nut, pressure riveting screw, etc. precision laser cutting parts. The pressing riveting method is generally carried out by high-speed punch hydraulic press riveting machine, the professional laser cutting parts are riveted to the metal parts

Sheet metal bending. Sheet metal bending is to fold 3D tablet computer parts into 3D parts. Its production processing must have folding machine relative bending machine mold to carry out actual operation. It also has a certain sheet metal bending sequence, its standard is that the next knife does cause interference to fold first, which will cause interference after folding



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