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Sheet metal parts

Sheet metal parts

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:20:22
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There are some differences in the light specifications before focusing. The larger the diameter of the incident angle beam, the smaller the diameter of the focusing point. In order to reduce the change of focus spot size caused by the change of light specifications before focusing, the optical fiber laser cutting system software manufacturers around the world have produced some special equipment for customers to use

(1) Collimator. It is a common way to cut aluminum tube professionally, that is to add a collimator at the output end of CO2 laser generator to carry out beam expander. After precisely cutting the beam expander of aluminum tube, the light diameter increases the emission angle decreases, so that the light specifications in front of the near far focus points within the scope of laser cutting are close to the same.

(2) The lower axis of a single moving lens is lifted on the top of laser cutting head, which is independent of the z-axis of the distance between the nozzle the surface of the raw material (standoff). When the worktable of CNC machine tool moves the linear optical axis moves, the light also moves the near end to the far side of F axis, so that the diameter of light spot after the focus of light is consistent in all production processing areas.

(3) The pressure used to manipulate the condenser (usually metal reflector focus system software). If the size of the light in front of the focus is reduced the diameter of the focus spot increases, the pressure of the automatic control system changes the refractive index of the focus point to reduce the diameter of the focus spot.

(4) The compensation laser light path system software for lifting X Y directions on automatic cutting machine of navigation laser path. That is to say, when the far path of laser cutting is increased, the compensation laser path will be reduced; on the contrary, when the near optical path of laser cutting is reduced, the compensation laser path will be increased to maintain the same length of optical path.



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