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Sheet metal cutting manufacturer

Sheet metal cutting manufacturer

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:19:35
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In order to obtain high-quality wound under the condition of selecting single pulse hole breaking, we should attach great importance to the connection technology of precision laser cutting tube the single pulse hole breaking when the product workpiece is still to the constant speed continuous laser cutting of the product workpiece. Generally speaking, the laser cutting standard of accelerating section can be changed in theory, such as lens focal length, nozzle position, air pressure, etc., but in fact, the probability of changing the above standard is large because of the short time.

In the industrial production, it is more practical to choose the method of changing the average power of laser. The specific methods are as follows: (1) changing the pulse width; (2) changing the single pulse frequency; (3) changing the pulse width frequency. The results show that the third practical effect is.

Professional laser cutting technology of optical fiber laser cutting has been more more used in China's industrial production. Countries around the world are scientific research design of laser cutting technology equipment for higher laser cutting rate carbon steel plate. In order to consider the increasingly high quality productivity requirements of industrial production, we must attach great importance to the handling of various core technologies the implementation of product quality standards, so as to make this new technicality more widely used in China.



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