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Ningbo laser cutting

Laser cutting in Ningbo
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Ningbo sheet metal cutting

Ningbo sheet metal cutting

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The influence factors of fiber laser cutting are as follows

The smaller the light spot is, the smaller the slit is, the higher the precision is; the higher the running precision of the laser cutting factory's operating table is, the higher the precision of fiber laser cutting is; the thicker the plate is, the lower the precision of fiber laser cutting is, the worse the roughness is; a thick sample plate is thicker, the precision of thick steel plate is higher than that of aluminum alloy plate, the laser cutting surface is smoother; the process performance of the plate is better, the laser cutting surface is smoother The more regular the cutting relative path is, the more smooth the laser cutting surface is.

According to the different production processing methods, cutting can be divided into general punching, digital punching, plate cutting machine cutting, optical fiber laser cutting wind cutting. The price of laser cutting is different because of the different production processing methods, the production processing performance of cutting is also different. Key bit punch fiber laser cutting for sheet metal cutting

Fiber laser cutting is produced by laser marking machine navigation laser cutting. The plate is thin thick. The category of processing is cold rolled plate, hot rolled plate is less than equal to 20.0 mm, stainless steel plate is less than 10.0 mm. Its advantage is that the production processing plate is thin thick, the laser cutting product appearance design speed is faster, the production processing is convenient. The defect is that it can be produced processed, the mesh parts are suitable for production processing by this method, the production cost is high!



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