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Sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:15:10
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Faster laser cutting speed

The cutting rate of 3 mm thick high carbon steel plate is 600 cm / min by 1200 W fiber laser 1200 cm / min for 5 mm thick polypropylene resin plate. When the raw materials are cut by fiber laser, there is no need to clamp fix the raw materials, which can only save the fixture tooling, but also save the auxiliary time of loading cutting.

Non contact laser cutting

There is no contact between cutting torch workpiece during fiber laser cutting, there will be no damage of special tools. Aluminum plate cutting manufacturers produce process parts with different shapes, so it is necessary to change the "CNC blade", but to change the main output parameters of the laser generator. The whole process of fiber laser cutting has low noise, small vibration zero pollution.

There are many types of raw materials for laser cutting

Compared with oxyacetylene laser cutting machine plasma cutting machine, aluminum plate cutting price has many types of fiber laser cutting raw materials, including metal materials, non-metallic materials, metal material based non-metallic material based polymer materials, leather products, wood chemical fibers. However, for different raw materials, because of their own thermal process performance the digestibility of the laser is the same, the main performance is different fiber laser cutting adaptability. CO2 laser generator is selected.



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