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Ningbo laser cutting

Laser cutting in Ningbo
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Laser cutting in Ningbo

Laser cutting in Ningbo

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:14:10
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Gasifying laser cutting

During the whole process of laser vaporization laser cutting by metal screen manufacturers, the ambient temperature of raw materials rises to the melting point temperature so fast that melting caused by heat conduction can be prevented. Therefore, some raw materials are vaporized into steam dissipate, some raw materials are blown away the bottom end of the cutting seam as ejections. In this case, the output power of the laser must be very high. In order to avoid the raw material steam cold to the slit wall, the metal screen price, the thickness of the raw material must greatly exceed the laser light diameter. The production process is therefore only suitable for use when it is absolutely necessary to prevent the removal of molten raw materials. In fact, the production processing of iron-based alloy is only used in small application industry. The production process can be used, such as wood some porcelain, which have no melting condition, so it is unlikely to let the raw material steam re solidify. In addition, this kind of raw material generally needs to achieve thicker wound. In laser vaporization laser cutting, the focus of light is the thickness of raw materials the quality of light. The laser output power vaporization heat have only a certain effect on the focus. When the thickness of the plate is fixed, the larger laser cutting rate is inversely proportional to the vaporization temperature of the raw material. The required laser power is more than 108W / cm2, it depends on the raw material, the laser cutting depth the focus of light. When the thickness of the plate is fixed, it is assumed that there is sufficient laser output power, the larger laser cutting rate is limited by the water jet velocity rate.



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