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Automatic laser tube cutting

Automatic laser tube cutting

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Fiber laser cutting is a kind of quenching tempering treatment, which leads to thermal damage in the production process, the stress field caused by the concentration of heat value will cause deformation of the plate. Excessive concentration of calorific value in a small range will lead to ignition oxidation of raw materials. This kind of material is very good harm.

According to different raw materials, different fiber laser cutting requirements, pipe cutting manufacturers use different fiber laser cutting auxiliary gas, the purpose is to obtain the fiber laser cutting quality.

Generally, N2 is used as auxiliary gas in cutting colored plates such as stainless steel aluminum plates, which has the function of cooling maintenance. However, CO 2 is used in laser cutting of alloy steel, which has the purpose of cooling, accelerating ignition accelerating fiber laser cutting.

For the application scope of fiber line fiber laser cutting, in addition to a few sites using YAG fiber laser generator, most of the pipeline cutting price adopts CO2 gas laser generator with high conversion efficiency high output power. Due to the high requirement of the quality of light source, all laser generators can be used for fiber laser cutting.

It is composed of three parts: worktable (generally precision machinery), light source transmission system (sometimes called external laser laser optical path, i.e. transmission automatic detection of all light sources within optical path before the light source laser generator reaches the commercial product workpiece, industrial equipment prefabricated components) microcomputer numerical control lathe.




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