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Three dimensional laser cutting tube

Three dimensional laser cutting tube

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:12:36
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In industrial production, we sometimes encounter the problem of laser cutting three-dimensional prefabricated components. However, the general two-axis three-axis optical fiber laser cutting only uses laser to cut two-dimensional plane drawing products, which requires the automatic cutting machine equipped with mechanical arm, namely five axis machine.

For many years, the trend of overseas development has been comprehensive fiber laser cutting mechanical equipment punching machine, technical laser punching machine. For this kind of mechanical equipment, steel pipe manufacturers use mechanical equipment mode to break the internal thread of complicated products, then use fiber laser cutting method to cut out the edge wire frame that must be cut by long-distance laser.

The slit of fiber laser cutting is narrow, the deformation of product workpiece is small, the focus of particle beam becomes small spot, which makes the focus point achieve high power. At this time, the heat input by the light far exceeds the part of the reflecting surface, transmission external diffusion of the raw materials, the raw materials are heated to the gasification level rapidly, the volatilization produces pores. The price of cutting steel pipe moves linearly with the relativity of light raw materials, which makes the total width of the hole continuously small. The cutting edge is harmful to heat, the foundation has no deformation of product workpiece. In the whole process of laser cutting, auxiliary gas suitable for cutting off raw materials is added. In laser cutting of steel, oxygen is used as auxiliary gas to cause exothermic reaction chemical change with molten metal materials. Air oxidizes raw materials helps to blow away slag in the slit. Air compression is used for laser cutting of polypropylene, plastic gas is used for laser cutting of inflammable raw materials such as cotton paper. The auxiliary gas entering the nozzle can also cool the focus lens, so as to avoid the dust entering the lens holder polluting the lens causing the lens overheating.



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