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High precision laser tube cutting

High precision laser tube cutting

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:12:17
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Many metal composite materials, no matter what its strength, laser cutting parts manufacturers can carry out invisible variable laser cutting. Naturally, for high transmittance raw materials, such as gold, silver, copper aluminum alloy profiles, they are also good heat transfer conductive conductors, so it is very difficult to cut optical fiber laser, even can be laser cut. Fiber laser cutting has no burr, wrinkle high precision, which is better than plasma cutting machine. For many mechanical electrical engineering manufacturing industries, because the modern optical fiber laser cutting system software controlled by micro-computer system can conveniently laser cut products with different shapes specifications, it is usually preferred to use than punching pressing die processing technology; although its production processing rate is still slow, mold stamping, but it has no abrasive cost, no need to maintain abrasive tools, It also saves the time of removing replacing the grinding tools, thus saving the production processing costs reducing the product costs. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to consider in general.

Fiber laser cutting is a kind of non-contact production with high energy efficiency controllable relative density of laser cutting parts. After processing the particle beam focus, it has a little support force with strong kinetic energy. It has many characteristics when it is applied to laser cutting. Lasers convert solar energy into shocking energy that can be maintained in a very small area

(1) Narrow straight edge slits;

(2) The least heat hazard zone of adjacent trimming;

(3) A small part of the deformation.

Second, the particle beam does release all forces on the product workpiece, it is a special tool for non-contact laser cutting, which represents

(1) There is no mechanical equipment deformation of the product workpiece;

(2) Numerous control blades are damaged, which can be regarded as the transformation problem of CNC blades;

(3) Laser cutting raw materials do need to consider its strength, that is, the working ability of fiber laser cutting is affected by the intensity of the raw materials to be cut, all raw materials of intensity can be laser cut.



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