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CNC laser cutting tube

CNC laser cutting tube

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:11:33
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According to the relative types of the laser cabinet, it can be divided into the following types:

(1) In the whole process of laser cutting, the light (shot out by the cutting torch) the operating table move. Generally, the light moves along the Y direction, the operating table moves in the X direction.

(2) In the whole process of laser cutting, only the light (cutting torch) moves, the operating table does move.

(3) In the whole process of laser cutting, only the operating table moves, the light (cutting torch) is fixed.

Optical focus system software

According to the characteristics of the products to be processed, the light will be effective in the production processing position after being focused by the manufacturer after being enlarged, reshaped cut. This kind of equipment the output dialog box of the laser generator to the middle of the workpiece of the product to be processed is called the optical focus system software.

Software of laser cutting system

The key software of laser cutting processing system includes the bed body, the operation table that the price of cutting pipe can be moved within the scope of three-dimensional coordinates the automatic control system of mechanical electrical engineering. With the development trend of electronic information technology, many laser cutting system software has selected the electronic computer to control the movement of the operating platform to complete the continuous work of laser cutting processing.



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