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Simple laser cutting tube

Simple laser cutting tube

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Fiber laser cutting is the whole process of melting gasification. There are many factors that harm the quality of laser cutting. In addition to the hardware configuration elements such as opening CNC lathe raw materials for production processing, the third-party software elements also have great harm to its production processing quality. According to the specific problems in the laser cutting, the aluminum tube manufacturers integrate the characteristics of optical fiber laser cutting, scientific research on the harm of the mobile phone software elements to the production processing quality is the basic content of the auxiliary design process technology, which actually includes the following contents: 1) the selection of the opening point, the location of the opening point according to the specific price of the aluminum tube cutting;

② Relative path setting of auxiliary laser cutting

③ The particle beam is solved by compensation empty travel arrangement;

④ According to the board to enhance the layout to save raw materials, as far as possible to improve the plate utilization rate;

⑤ The relative path selection of the integration part nesting problem;

⑥ The relative path after considering the hazards of production processing factors such as thermal deformation.

The whole process produces areas that are laser cut before. Function in the laser cutting before the laser must be heated to the temperature of raw material melting vaporization. The laser cutting plan is composed of a basically vertical plan, which is heated melted by the absorbed laser radiation source.

——In the laser numerical control flame cutting, the melting zone is further heated by the CO2 flow into the slit, so that the temperature is close to the melting point. The resulting vaporization removes the raw materials. In addition, with the production processing of steam body, vaporization raw materials are discharged the bottom of the product workpiece.



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