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Laser tube cutting without tailings

Laser tube cutting without tailings

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The result of the laser cutting theme activity on the product workpiece may be a clean tidy wound, conversely, the edge is smooth burnt.

The most important factors affecting the quality of laser cutting are as follows

■ aluminum alloy composition

To a certain extent, the composition of aluminum alloy is harmful to the compressive strength, proportion, laser cutting price, weldability, oxidation resistance acid-base property of raw materials. Some key elements in nonferrous metal raw materials are carbon, chromium, nickel, magnesium zinc.

The higher the carbon content, the more difficult it is to cut the raw material (the critical point is considered to be carbon content of 0.8%). The actual effect of laser cutting carbon steel with the following specifications is very good

Q235, stw22 (low silicon low carbon environmental protection aluminum killed steel),

——External economic structure of raw materials

Generally speaking, the denser the particles of raw materials are, the better the quality of laser cutting edge is.

——Process performance roughness

If there are rust areas air oxidation layer on the surface, the laser cutting wheel gallery will be irregular have many damage points.

If the sheet metal laser cutting manufacturers want to laser cutting wave plate, the main parameters of laser cutting with larger thickness are selected.

——Metal surface treatment

The most common metal surface treatments are hot-dip galvanizing, focusing hot-dip galvanizing, painting, anodizing, covering layers of plastic film.

Only when zinc is used to solve the problem, it is easy to form slag on the edge.

For the painted board, the laser cutting quality depends on the composition of the commodity.

How to carry out the production processing of raw materials for painting:

a group of low output power (manual engraving) to solve the problem of surface pre burning marking the main parameters.

In the second step, a group of main parameters for laser cutting of raw materials is selected.

The plate with layered raw material coating is especially suitable for fiber laser cutting. In order to ensure that there is no problem in the detection of capacitance sensor, the layer coating can be glued (to prevent floating bubble), the layer edge must always be at the upper end of laser cutting product workpiece.



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