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Five axis three-dimensional laser cutting tube

Five axis three-dimensional laser cutting tube

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:10:20
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How the light reflects on the surface of the product depends on the basic raw materials, roughness solution. Some aluminum alloy profiles, copper, copper stainless steel plates have high transmittance.

When laser cutting this kind of raw material, we should pay attention to adjust the focus position.

——Thermal conductivity

When laser cutting pipe manufacturers are welding, the output power of raw materials with low thermal conductivity must be smaller than that of raw materials with high thermal conductivity.

For example, for chromium nickel carbon steel, the output power required is lower than that of alloy structural steel, the heat digestion absorption caused by laser tube cutting price is less less.

On the other hand, raw materials such as copper, aluminum red copper lose a large part of the heat generated by the laser by digestion absorption. The raw materials in the heat hazard zone are more difficult to melt because the heat is transferred the overall target point of the light.

——Heat hazard zone

Laser numerical control flame cutting laser melting laser cutting can cause genetic variation of raw materials in the edge area of laser cutting raw materials.

When processing high carbon steel non oxygen sports steel, the heat treatment of heat hazard zone is reduced.

For medium carbon steel (60 ා), the edge area will harden.

Some hot rolled aluminum profiles will be slightly more harmful than Microsoft's.




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