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Metal screen frame

Metal screen frame

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:58:44
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Red copper relief is a kind of high-grade artwork developed, designed manufactured on the basis of exploring the plastic arts of Chinese classical culture. The product is made of high-quality red copper which is etched faded, has gone through many processes. The design features exquisite quality, authentic brand image, strong sense of hierarchy, antique elegant design style, vivid interface.

Its embedded interface is the best copper relief interface, the seat frame is made of precious series of products, mahogany furniture as the raw material, laser cutting handicrafts are made by hand. Fully automatic laser cutting its embedded interface is the best copper relief interface, the seat frame selected precious series of products mahogany furniture as the raw material, pure handmade carved.

Color carving is a kind of wood carving. According to the content method of carving painting, with each other to achieve the harmony of protoplasm lamp color. Chinese color carving in the Eastern Han Dynasty Chu wooden figurines has shown information on the integration of art painting hand carving. The interface embedded in the color carved screen partition of mahogany furniture is the exquisite color carving interface selected according to the different hobbies of different people. In addition, with the help of computer drawing manual carving, the red picture frame seat, sitting inserting, which are polished by craftsmen with care, become a unique mahogany furniture carved screen partition.



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