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Cutting metal screen

Cutting metal screen

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:55:32
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1. The laser cutting of stainless steel pipe has high precision, cutting leveling without burr, the consumption of raw materials is very small.

2. The laser pipe cutting machine of stainless steel pipe has small thermal hazard area, basically no thermal deformation no air oxidation. It can produce high quality high consistency, which is very beneficial to the automatic welding after the production line

3. Laser cutting has high efficiency can complete mass production. The standard pipe length is 6 meters. The traditional production processing method is very heavy clamping, while the laser cutting processing can easily carry out the pipe fitting clamping precise positioning in a few meters factory, which makes the mass production processing become the future improves the productivity of the company.

Manhole cover is used to cover the road surface the defense of deep wells at home, to prevent people objects falling. Fabric laser cutting is generally divided into ring square, micro laser cutting in urban traffic law enforcement level, generally choose the ring, because the annular manhole cover is easy to skew, can maintain the safety of non motor vehicles vehicles. The application of ring is mainly to fully consider the annular manhole cover. According to the diameter of the center point of the ring, the diameter of the manhole cover is slightly wider than that of the lower shaft no matter how rolled up, it is easy for the manhole cover to fall into the well bore. If the square is selected, because the straight line of the square is obviously good at one of its circumference, when the manhole cover is rolled up, it is very easy to fall into the well along the straight direction of the shaft, leading to safety risks. If the wellbore is annular significantly lower than the manhole cover, the square manhole cover is easy to fall into the well. Here is a problem of large use saving of raw materials. The application of the shaft lies in the size of the shaft. If it is necessary to install a square manhole cover with a total area far greater than the shaft, then the use practical significance of raw materials are certainly more reasonable than the immediate application of annular manhole covers




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