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Steel fiber manhole cover

Steel fiber manhole cover

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:51:37
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The materials used are different. The ductile iron casting manhole cover is applied with a compressive strength of more than 800 Copernican / cubic mm. The nodular casting QT500-7 material is selected to improve the overall relative density of the manhole cover. The raw materials used for the general manhole cover have low price low relative density.

The service life of nodular graphite well cover is different that of ordinary manhole cover. The partition effect of spherical high-purity graphite on metal material substrate is smaller than that of other high-purity graphite. It can make the compressive strength of pig iron reach 70 ~ 90% of that of base material mechanism, the compressive strength can reach 120kgf / mm2, has excellent ductility. The service life is up to 50 years, the service life of laser cutting machine is generally 30 years.

Introduction of recycled epoxy polymer materials:

1. Strong anti-theft property: epoxy resin polymer material manhole cover is made of polyurethane resin, glass fiber other raw materials reinforcement framework, which is compounded by unique production process. After high temperature grinding pressing, the raw material has no recycling use value, so it is very difficult to remove the building reinforcement (the cost of taking down the construction reinforcement exceeds the use value of building steel bar), so it has a positive effect Anti theft function.

2. Large bearing capacity: the unique bottom pot structure is selected at the bottom end, which enlarges the total bearing area by more than ten times even dozens of times. The continuous improvement of chemical fiber used in knife mode laser cutting ensures that the chemical fiber glass fiber cloth are integrated in the material, so that the product has sufficient bearing capacity. achieve exceed the national industry standards.

The use of epoxy resin in the production process greatly improves the performance of the epoxy resin in the production process The same advantages. The disadvantages of weak stick relay race are avoided.

4. Beautiful easy to use, high level: according to the requirements of high-end users, the humanized design scheme of complex logo various colors on the surface of the same manhole cover can be made to make the pattern design detailed, colorful clear. according to customer satisfaction can be made of all kinds of marble floor with the same imitation marble surface color.

5. Heat / ultra-low temperature, good dielectric strength, strong corrosion resistance: corrosion resistance, non-toxic harmless. Without metal material additives, the insulation layer has a real practical effect. It can be used in complicated, extreme high regulated sites. The products have been tested by the relevant authoritative testing center of the state, have remarkable corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance other indicators, which have reached exceeded the national industry standards.



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