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Composite well cover

Composite well cover

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:51:13
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The larger characteristic of epoxy resin manhole cover is made of high polymer material, which has no value of purchase use. After the marketing application of resin manhole covers, the problem of stealing manhole covers leading to super black holes in big cities may be solved. Unlike the current manhole cover on the market, it is pressed in with a four column hydraulic press, which has great impact resistance compressive strength

This kind of epoxy composite manhole cover is made of glass fiber epoxy resin as the basic raw materials, the leather laser cutting is made of epoxy curing agent, curing accelerator other auxiliary materials. Its net weight is two-thirds lighter than that of nodular cast iron well cover. Its service life is more than 20 years, which is twice as much as that of nodular cast iron well cover, its price is only 80% of that of nodular cast iron well cover. In addition, this kind of cutting laser head also has the characteristics of insulating layer no noise. Chifeng product quality supervision Inspection Institute carried out load impact resistance compressive strength tests on this kind of manhole cover. It was found that the load force of this kind of manhole cover was 24 tons, its impact resistance compressive strength exceeded that of ordinary manhole cover.

The manhole cover is a kind of closed object leading to the top of the import export of underground equipment. However, the area drinking water, telecommunication network, power engineering, natural gas, heating, fire safety, environmental sanitation other public facilities are installed, the manhole cover must be installed.

According to the technical characteristics of pipeline engineering projects, in order to consider the installation of machinery equipment, maintenance repair provisions, sewage inspection wells are set at certain intervals along the pipeline laying direction.

Combined cover is the key supporting facilities of sewage inspection well. Its function is load-bearing, closed open sewage inspection well. It can only bear the traffic vehicles, large flow of vehicles, but also avoid the entry of vehicles, non motor vehicles dirty things, ensure the normal operation of underground pipelines machinery equipment.



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