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Composite well cover

Composite well cover

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:48:57
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Composite well cover is filled with high standard concrete in the steel frame structure mixed with building steel frame concrete fiber in concrete. It has strong rigidity, high ductility, strong acid alkali corrosion resistance, easy embrittlement, fracture poor bearing capacity, which leads to the lack of another type of manhole cover. The composite well cover is gradually withdrawn the sales market in many big cities.

Silicon plastic manhole cover

Silicone plastic manhole cover is a kind of resin manhole cover made of coal ash, waste plastics tire rubber powder. The sheet metal cutting equipment uses epoxy resin as adhesive. Intelligent sheet metal cutting has low compressive strength easy embrittlement because of the characteristics of raw materials. Because of its brittleness in winter, insufficient bearing capacity soft in summer, stress relaxation cannot be opened under high temperature standard. The key application is residential area auxiliary road, the main lane. It is easy to embrittlement short cycle.

Polymer material pressure mold manhole cover

The new type of polymer material pressure mold manhole cover is suitable for electrical automation production manufacturing. The loading capacity, anti-theft, rationality, corrosion resistance decorative art of the manhole cover have been well integrated. The bearing capacity of the manhole cover has reached 50 tons by the national authority. It is a polymer material manhole cover which can completely replace the ductile cast manhole cover at this stage.



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