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Manhole cover

Manhole cover

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:43:29
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The classification of manhole covers is various, many customers do know how to correctly install the manhole covers. Due to the lack of professional knowledge in these aspects, the service life of manhole cover is greatly reduced due to wrong installation. So, how to install the manhole cover correctly?

There are various types of manhole covers, such as composite manhole covers, concrete manhole covers, ductile iron well covers, etc. Besides, the sheet metal cutting processing method has decades of construction experience. The following is a detailed introduction to the common problems in the whole construction process of the well cover project.

1. In order to maintain the beautiful appearance of the cover surface, the surface lines handwriting are clear, self-made sheet metal cutting is used to cover the manhole cover brush the cover with waste oil during the construction of asphalt road engineering, so as to avoid the asphalt spraying on the manhole cover; in the construction of concrete ground engineering, the manhole cover is covered with plastic film to avoid The mixed mortar can dye the surface of manhole cover, damage the surface lines handwriting, clean the surface layer of manhole cover with tap water after the construction of the same day.

2. After casting paving the well seat with concrete asphalt, the cover shall be opened cleaned immediately to prevent the cement mortar asphalt pouring the inspection well cover the seat into one, so as to prevent damage opening in the future.

3. When installing manhole cover on asphalt road, attention must be paid to prevent engineering construction machinery equipment rolling the well seat immediately. When casting on the ground as a whole, the holes slightly larger than the well seat should be embedded on the ground placed after the asphalt pavement to ensure the placement quality of the manhole cover, so as to increase the service life.



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