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Processing of stainless steel slot drain

Processing of stainless steel slot drain

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:42:58
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The cover plate of drainage ditch is one of the most popular choices in new road construction projects. It shows a cost-effective, elegant simple solution, which can intelligently cut sheet metal, greatly reduce the installation of expensive underground drainage pipes, ensure the safety of the paved area to eliminate groundwater, so as to maintain no water on the ground. Next, we will cut repair the sheet metal one by one to analyze the many aspects that we should pay attention to when selecting the drain cover plate.

Main uses of drain cover plate

The cover plate of drainage ditch is generally composed of a U-shaped cross-section ditch body a certain type of cover plate on the upper side.

Drainage ditch cover has a wide range of commercial applications, according to its specific application site needs to load-bearing level requirements can have different matching. For example, the stainless steel plate gap sewage ditch in the shopping plaza, the stainless steel plate stamping cover plate sewage ditch in the restaurant kitchen food area, the ductile iron casting cover plate sewage ditch on both sides of the road surface the roadside stone drainage ditch.

Load level of drain cover plate



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