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Ningbo laser cutting

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Ningbo Yuxin metal products Co., Ltd

Mobile phone: 18968394899

Tel: 0574-87727344

Fax: 0574-89259368

Web: en.yuxinmade.com

Address: No.35, Gongsi Road, Zhuangshi street, Zhenhai District, Ningbo

Ningbo Yuxin metal products Co., Ltd. (Yuxin laser cutting) was established in 2010  is located in the coastal city of Ningbo. The company has: 15000w laser cutting machine, 6000W laser cutting machine, 2000W laser pipe cutting machine, 1000W laser pipe cutting machine, full CNC bending machine, CNC plate cutting machine, rolling machine, bending machine, complete set of stainless steel  metal bending equipment. The company specializes in the production of manhole covers, metal screens, sheet metal parts  laser tube cutting, cutting, plate cutting, bending, stainless steel processing of stair handrails, frameless doors, professional door covers  large  small engineering decoration business.

Ningbo Yuxin metal products Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of integrity management  development, engaged in laser tube cutting, cutting processing, metal products processing, metal laser cutting, stainless steel cutting, copper plate cutting, aluminum plate processing  other projects, has rich experience, welcome new  old customers to inquire!