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Metal laser cutting

Metal laser cutting

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Laser melting laser cutting

During laser melting laser cutting, the metal composite material is melted by heating the laser. Then, according to the non air oxidation gas (AR, he, N, etc.) of nozzle gas generator coaxially output with the light, the shape memory alloy is discharged with the help of the strong working pressure of the steam body, resulting in a wound. Laser melting laser cutting does need to make the metal material completely gasified, the kinetic energy required for sheet metal cutting is only 1 / 10 of that of gasification laser cutting. Laser melting laser cutting is the key to laser cutting some raw materials specific metal materials which are easy to be oxidized by air, such as stainless steel plate, titanium, aluminum aluminum alloy.

Laser CO 2 laser cutting

The basic principle of CO2 laser cutting is similar to oxyacetylene laser cutting. It uses laser as heating pyrogen CO2 as laser cutting vapor. On the one hand, the steam ejected can produce redox reaction release a lot of air oxidation heat with the effect of laser cutting metal materials; on the other hand, the molten metal oxide molten substance are blown out the reaction zone, which creates a wound in the metal material. Because the redox reaction in the whole process of laser cutting causes a lot of heat, so the kinetic energy of CO2 laser cutting is only half of that of laser cutting, the cutting speed is far higher than that of gasifying laser cutting melting laser cutting.

Carbon steel, titanium alloy quenched tempered steel are the key materials for CO2 laser cutting.



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