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Advantages of Ningbo laser cutting equipment

2020-06-17 23:18:36

We are a professional manufacturer of pipe fittings laser cutting in Ningbo. We have the leading technology equipment. Here we will introduce the characteristics of our automatic pipe cutting machine

1. Integrated bed body, better coaxiality, flatness precision

2. Double counter moving claws, suitable for different pipe fittings, no need to adjust lathe chuck

3. Reliability design of clamping force to avoid deformation of pipe fittings

4. Sheet metal cutting processing is different, single gas path led software claw clamping technology, reasonable increase cylinder service life

5. The visibility scale can adjust the support point, save the clamping time, ensure the coaxiality reduce the pipe swaying

6. The integrated circuit chip is neat simple, the maintenance is convenient, the repair rate is low

7. Automatic positioning

8. Automatic search for the role of Management Center

9. Automatic compensation

10, adjustable frequency perforation

11. High damping bed, good rigidity, high velocity instantaneous velocity

12. The full-automatic feeding system software is selected for sheet metal cutting process, which can reasonably save human resources feeding time, complete mass production manufacturing

13. The world famous fiber laser generator electronic components are selected to ensure the reliability of the machine equipment

Ningbo fiber laser cutting production processing is one of the key technologies of laser raw material production processing. The whole process of electric welding welding belongs to heat conduction type, that is, the laser radiation source heats the surface layer of the product, the surface heat quantity diffuses to the inside outside according to the heat conduction. According to the main parameters such as the total width, kinetic energy, peak output power repetition frequency of the single pulse of the laser exciter, the product can be manufactured The workpiece melts produces a special bath. Because of its unique advantages, it has been successfully used in the welding of micro, medium small parts. Compared with other welding processes, the key advantages of metal laser welding machine are faster speed, large depth small deformation. It can carry out electric welding under indoor temperature unique standard, the automatic welding machine is simple.



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