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Machine tool sheet metal parts

Machine tool sheet metal parts

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:22:12
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There are a variety of methods for sheet metal processing plants. Generally, CNC machine tools, CNC bending machines, rice cutting machines, slotting machines, fiber laser cutting machines are used. If you look at the name of the machines equipment, you should understand the main purpose. If the price is very different between China overseas, the actual price can be Go to consult again, fiber laser cutting is indispensable, with this machine equipment on the quality of your goods is also very good control.

Sheet metal parts have been defined in detail until now. Precision pipe cutting is based on a definition published in an overseas technical journal It is defined as: sheet metal is a comprehensive cold drawing process for sheet metal (generally less than 6 mm), including shearing, punching / cutting / composite, folding, welding, riveting, assembling, forming (such as car body), etc. The obvious feature of professional pipe cutting is that the thickness of the same part is the same. Next Wuhan pilot CNC machine tools for everyone to interpret the sheet metal laser cutting production process.

Laser cutting is the key process of sheet metal forming. It includes the traditional laser cutting cutting, cold stamping production processing, bending pressing forming other main processing parameters, as well as various stamping die design processing parameters, various machine equipment principles operation procedures, as well as new stamping die technology new technology new technology.



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