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Sheetmetal Cut

Sheetmetal Cut

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:19:08
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For a comprehensive cold drawing process of sheet metal materials, the key points are cutting, cold stamping, sheet metal bending, riveting, grinding tool forming, etc. The common plates are hot-rolled steel plate, pickling plate, cold-rolled steel plate, galvanized steel plate, copper coin, aluminum alloy plate, aluminum alloy profile, stainless steel plate, etc. Production processing mode:

1. According to the number of punching, folding, optical fiber laser cutting, hydraulic shearing machine other machinery equipment to carry out sheet metal processing plant, precision sheet metal processing is mostly used for test products small large-scale production, with high cost.

2. According to the fixed grinding tools, the sheet metal processing plant is carried out only when the high-speed punch press other machinery equipment are used to align the plates. The speed is faster the cost is low. However, the cost of the grinding tools is very high, the installation replacement cost are time-consuming, which are mostly used for mass production.

Hydraulic plate shears:

It is used to cut the strip material. The key is to prepare in advance for the grinding tool blanking production processing, the simple parts of standard appearance design. Professional sheet metal processing speed is faster, low cost, low precision, only the production processing of non hole no round angle strip block material surface layer. It can be changed quickly.

Digital impulse:

A kind of automatic technology high-speed punch with CNC machine tool control, according to the NC lathe programming command, control the high-speed punch posture produce processing parts. According to the composition of simple grinding tools, various complicated plate holes shallow drawing parts can be carried out at one time. Large round holes, round holes, waist holes various shapes of curvilinear corridors can be produced processed according to the small die step punching method. The production processing of unique processing technology can also be carried out, such as blind, counterbore, reverse side hole, rib plate, printing, etc. It can change quickly.



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