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High speed laser cutting

High speed laser cutting

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:15:30
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Due to the characteristics of laser transmission, fiber laser cutting is generally equipped with several CNC machine tools, the whole process of laser cutting can complete all CNC machine tools. In the actual operation, it is only necessary to change the program flow of the NC machine tool, the laser cutting of parts with different shapes can be used, the two-dimensional laser cutting can be carried out.

Laser cutting method of fiber laser cutting, oxyacetylene laser cutting plasma cutting machine mode total width of Slit / mm total width of thermal hazard zone / mm slit shape laser cutting rate machine equipment cost of fiber laser cutting 0.2 ~ 0.30.04 ~ 0.06 parallel plane fast high oxyacetylene laser cutting 0.9 ~ 1.20.6 ~ 1.2 parallel plane slow low plasma cutting machine 3.0 ~ 4.00.5 ~ 1.0 wedge shape skew fast medium high grade

Faster laser cutting speed

The cutting rate of 3 mm thick high carbon steel plate is 600 cm / min by 1200 W fiber laser 1200 cm / min for 5 mm thick polypropylene resin plate. When the raw materials are cut by fiber laser, there is no need to clamp fix the raw materials, which can only save the fixture tooling, but also save the auxiliary time of loading cutting.



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