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Metalwork processing

Metalwork processing

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:14:30
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Fiber laser cutting is widely used in industrial production industry. Its key advantages are rapid, high efficiency, one-time forming smooth cross-section.

Fiber laser cutting is a kind of non-contact processing method with high energy efficiency good controllability. The light spot with high efficiency relative density is produced after the particle beam is focused. It has many characteristics when it is used in laser cutting. There are four different laser cutting methods to solve different problems.

Melt laser cutting

In laser melting laser cutting, the melted raw materials are gushed out by cyclone after the workpiece is partially melted. The price of stainless steel tube cutting is due to the migration of raw materials only in its liquid state, so the whole process is called laser melting laser cutting. Laser light combined with high-purity plastic laser cutting vapor to promote the melting of raw materials to leave the slit, the vapor itself does participate in laser cutting. Laser melting laser cutting can obtain higher laser cutting rate than vaporization laser cutting. The kinetic energy required for vaporization is generally higher than that for melting raw materials. In laser melting laser cutting, only part of laser light is digested absorbed. The higher laser cutting rate increases with the increase of laser output power, decreases inversely with the increase of plate thickness raw material melting temperature. When the output power of the laser is constant, the limiting factors are the standard air pressure at the slit the thermal conductivity of the raw material. Laser melting laser cutting can obtain air free oxidation wounds for iron raw materials cobalt alloys. The laser power that causes melting but vaporization is between 104w / cm2 105W / cm2 for steel raw materials.



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