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Laser cutting in Ningbo
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Ningbo aluminum plate cutting

Ningbo aluminum plate cutting

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:13:49
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Laser cutting with controlled fracture

For ductile raw materials which are easy to be damaged by heat, the high-speed controllable disconnection is carried out according to the particle beam heating. The manufacturer of metal partition screen calls it controlled fracture laser cutting. The specific content of this kind of laser cutting process is as follows: a small area of raw material heated by particle beam will cause large thermal gradient serious deformation of mechanical equipment in this area, resulting in cracks in raw materials. If the equilibrium heating gradient direction is maintained, the particle beam can correctly guide the gap in all necessary directions.

Air oxidation melting laser cutting (laser numerical control flame cutting) molten laser cutting generally uses rare gas. If it is replaced by CO2 other specific vapor, the raw material will be ignited under the direct direction of particle beam, which will produce violent chemical change with CO2 cause another heat source, so that the raw material will be further heated, which is called air oxidation melting laser cutting.

Because of this utility, the price of metal partition screen is aimed at the alloy structural steel with the same thickness, the laser cutting speed obtained by this method is higher than that of molten laser cutting. On the other hand, compared with the fused laser cutting, the wound quality will be worse. In fact, it translates into wider slits, significant surface roughness, increased heat hazard zones poorer edge quality. There is a high risk of burn out of the solid model when CNC cutting is good. The single pulse laser can be used to limit the thermal hazard, the output power of the laser determines the laser cutting rate. When the output power of the laser is constant, the limited factors are the supply of CO2 the thermal conductivity of raw materials.



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