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Fixed metal screen

Fixed metal screen

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:00:07
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Screen partition has a long history rich colorful way, the processing technology is also gorgeous. As a strange branch in the traditional handicraft industry, it is widely spread loved by the masses. However, with the changes of social development, it is difficult for contemporary people's living habits to take it as home furnishings, its scope has gradually become smaller. Robot laser cutting only has its shadow in unique activity places, such as theater, teahouse, storytelling hall, etc. In recent years, people all over the world have just begun to be very interested in China's classical mahogany furniture. The artistic beauty of the classical mahogany furniture culture art, including the screen partition, is gradually understood by everyone. We expect that we can explore the updated artistic beauty the traditional screen partition processing technology, receive new inspiration.

At first, our ancestors' home furnishing design is very simple. With the development trend of social development, people's material conditions gradually become rich colorful, the aesthetic concept has also undergone a great change. Therefore, the screen partition in furniture should also be made time to time. At the beginning, most of them were put behind the bed beside the bed, then the fixed development trend gradually became the theme activity. The styles functions of laser cutting external processing also continued to appear various changes. The appearance of screen partition, at the beginning, was a professional design scheme behind the throne, known as "axe axe". It was framed with wood, decorated with crimson silk painted with axe axe. It became the representative of monarch's rights. "Historical records" also records: "when the king screen 30.". After a long period of development trend, screen partition has just begun to popularize to the folk custom, into thousands of families, become a key component of ancient people's interior decoration.



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