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Metal screen processing

Metal screen processing

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:59:28
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There are three kinds of screens, including screen, screen table.

According to the theme division, there are historical allusions, literary works, religious beliefs, myths legends, folk stories, green mountains rivers, dragon, Phoenix, birds, fish insects. The laser cutting dust is also used to mount calligraphy painting above the screen immediately calligraphy art painting on the screen surface. In addition, there are also elegant unique ancient screen partition, with the theme of simple elegant containers exquisite ornaments, with more artistic flower arrangement, which has a unique aroma of books, which means that "there is no external talent knowledge on ancient times, natural resources can seal the world".

According to the material processing technology, there are lacquer craft screen partition, wood carving screen partition, marble screen partition, sericin screen partition, mica screen, glass screen, sulfur glass screen partition, bamboo rattan screen partition, metal screen, inlaid enamel screen partition magnetic plate partition.

There are various ways to make screen partition, the key is pillar screen partition, folding screen partition so on. After the emergence of pure pieces as a display of the plug-in screen, it is small exquisite, interesting.



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