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Metal art screen

Metal art screen

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:56:31
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The master bedroom of the new Chinese partition screen window decoration design scheme is brilliant warm. Bed is a typical modern simple big wood, inlaid with wooden frame decorated with gauze curtain, which adds a lot of charm of traditional classical style. The bright red light on the wooden cabinet on both sides of the bedroom bed is unique, beautiful generous. The place at the foot of the bed is made of carved wood as a partition screen, the window pattern the small study within the bedroom are separated to produce two indoor spaces. Ceramic laser cutting can is a complete separation method. The master bedroom the small study can be integrated into one, so that the spiritual essence human body can obtain greater release pressure. Therefore, we should pay attention to the direct sunlight in the design scheme. The laser cutting of thin plates all uses floor glass windows, so the indoor space is bright of course.

Apart being easy to use artistic aesthetic value, the screen partition also has a vivid use value of art painting, which can be called the "ukiyo painting" of the ancients.

For the laser cutting production processing of super long large pipes through super heavy pipe fittings, the traditional production processing in the manufacturing industry is dominated by the application of flame plasma cutting machine. With the independent innovation improvement of fiber optic fiber laser cutting machine equipment, the super heavy laser pipe cutting machine also takes on the stage with different advantages is favored by customers.



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