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Metal screen cutting

Metal screen cutting

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:58:27
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The new Chinese partition screen window decoration design scheme style decoration, the hall has the charm of Jiangnan garden. The green wall is separated the situation in the gatekeeper's room. Only one of the main hall's banners imitation wood carving decoration design can be seen. Bamboo groves potted plants are planted outside the hall. The 3D rendering gives a lively scene. The ancient color natural landscape are closely combined to form the modern Chinese partition screen window pattern design style. The unique design scheme skills of the hall are formed.

The design concept of the new Chinese partition screen window pattern is simple has no lost traditional style, especially the design of the entrance gate is very unique. Of course, the other side of the partition is made of aluminum engraving machine, the other side is decorated with a laser engraving machine. The circular dining table the blanket are placed exactly in line with each other. The colorful appearance makes the interior space show a thick happy color.

The new Chinese partition screen window decoration design scheme style decoration, laser cutting aluminum in the living room highlights a kind of air beauty. The living room the tea house are separated by the carved aluminum wall, which is beautiful elegant, there is a subtle style among them. The decoration partition of each indoor space is very tight, which can maintain the free flow of gas in the room. The furniture in the big living room is light yellow, elegant warm. On the wall is the river landscape traditional Chinese painting, magnificent. The room with classical style vase as the key decoration, with Magnolia art flower arrangement is also a noble chivalrous reflection.



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