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Sewer well cover

Sewer well cover

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 13:50:13
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Well blue is generally divided into ring square.

a) Ring manhole cover is generally used in urban traffic law enforcement, can also be used for road greening, crosswalk, carriageway, port, street lane. Because the annular manhole cover is easy to skew, it can maintain the safety of non motor vehicles vehicles. The application of ring is mainly to fully consider the annular manhole cover. According to the diameter of its center point, the length length are all the same. If the manhole cover is rolled up by the car, no matter how the cutting laser marking machine rolls up, the diameter is slightly wider than the shaft below, so the manhole cover is easy to fall into the well bore.

b) Square manhole cover can be used in power supply, sewage pipeline, sewage inspection well, heating, natural gas, sewage inspection well, postal express, telecommunication network, communication optical cable pipe well, electric power engineering pipeline well, road lamp well, fire safety well, various rainwater well, anti-corrosion thermal insulation engineering, open water ditch cover plate. In rural areas cable wells, square is generally used to prevent the inflow of water other liquids as soon as possible.

With the rapid development of China's economy, manhole covers are more more widely used in urban planning road infrastructure construction.

The manhole cover is a kind of closed object leading to the top of the import export of underground equipment. However, the area drinking water, telecommunication network, power engineering, natural gas, heating, fire safety, environmental sanitation other public facilities are installed, the manhole cover must be installed. A variety of manhole covers often seen on the street have become a unique beauty. With the development trend of machinery equipment, manhole covers of different materials, specifications models have been born in time.



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