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Han family laser cutting tube

Han family laser cutting tube

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  • Release date:2020-08-12 14:11:57
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Thirdly, the particle beam has strong controllability, high adaptability flexibility, so (1) it is very convenient to combine with automatic machinery, it is very easy to complete the whole process automation technology of laser cutting;

(2) Because there will be no restrictions on the laser cutting products, the particle beam has endless copy laser cutting ability;

(3) With the integration of electronic computer, the whole board can be cut, raw materials can be saved.

Compared with other basic production processing methods, the fiber laser cutting factory of plate laser cutting has greater adaptability. Compared with other thermal laser cutting methods, the price of plate laser cutting is the same as that of other thermal laser cutting methods. As the whole process of thermal laser cutting, other methods can be as effective as particle beam in a small area. As a result, the product workpiece with wide wound width thermal hazard area is significantly deformed. Laser can cut nonmetallic materials by laser, but other thermal laser cutting methods can't.

Laser equipment high pressure water pump are technically used for metal material plastic granulation industry. Raw materials are cut, combined removed by laser. Standard production processing methods, such as cutting polishing, are usually applied after the comprehensive working hours of plastics are cut by fiber laser. many different production processing methods, resulting in a lot of composition probability, in which, fiber laser cutting is a key component.



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